Tamil Maanila Congress to be re-born? and is it Congress vs Congress now ??

TNCC Leader Gnanadesikan who resigned the day before has attacked the high command in a rather unprecedented way, making it clear that with the so called ‘high command’ losing its sheen, a majority of state level leader will look for ‘other’ options for their political career.

Its an open secret that for a while now, the state leaders who are a part of the group inclined to be a part of the G K Vasan group are toying with the idea of reviving the Tamil Maanila Congress, and be a decent political force in the assembly elections in the state due somewhere in 2016.

Its also a strategic move by the TN leaders to distance themselves from the former Union minister P Chidambaram, who is widely believed to be in for a legal wrangle in some of the scams. Gnanadesikan’s utterances against Chidambaram, more likely with the blessings of G K Vasan must be seen in that light.

Is the Gandhi surname a liability now?
Is the Gandhi surname a liability now?

The move also needs to be seen in the light of two facts –

one, the charm that the Congress top brass and the Gandhi surname commanded are no longer there, and in fact, the danger is that the Gandhi surname is now a political liability, given the discredited state the party is in – after the LS poll debacle, and the failure to even put up a fight in the state polls for Maharasthra and Haryana. Observers feel that Jharkand where polls will be held soon will also be no different for the Congress leadership in terms of the outcome.

two, the state level leaders are no more willing to pay obeisance to the Congress high command, unless there is a semblance of a plan to revive the party through structural changes at the top leadership.

There two facts will haunt the high command not just in TN, but in most of the states where Congress has been relegated to a non-entity, thanks to the pro Modi wave, which continues.

The choice before a whole lot of Congress leaders now is to either jump ship to the BJP or other regional parties, and for those who have a bit of organisational backing, float a regional outfit and ally with like-minded parties in the future.

While the TMC may be born again or not in Tamilnadu, what Gnanadesikan has said now may well be what many regional satraps of the Congress may be pondering too.

Yet, its to be seen if this will shake the ‘high command’ from the deep slumber.

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Tamil Maanila Congress to be re-born? and is it Congress vs Congress now ??