Bhopal Union Carbide Criminal Warren Andersen Dead!

Notorious criminal Warren Andersen, under whose stewardship the biggest killer gas leak happened in the Central Indian city of Bhopal had died in Florida, USA.

The Bhopal disaster took place in a plant belonging to Union Carbide’s (UCC) Indian subsidiary, Union Carbide India Limited, in Bhopal during 1984. Thousands of people died and thousands more were injured in the disaster. As the UCC CEO, Anderson was charged with murder by Indian authorities. He flew to India and was promptly placed in custody by Indian authorities. Anderson who got bail later, and was controversially allowed to leave the country, never returned.

On the night of the disaster, when an explosion at Union Carbide’s pesticide plant in Bhopal caused 40 tonnes of lethal gas to seep into the city, six safety measures designed to prevent a gas leak had either malfunctioned, were turned off or were otherwise inadequate. In addition, the safety siren, intended to alert the community should an incident occur at the plant, was turned off.

Union Carbide responded to the disaster by paying survivors inadequate compensation and abandoning the plant, leaving tonnes of dangerous toxic chemicals strewn around the site and the people of Bhopal with a toxic legacy that is still causing injury today. In 2001, the company shed its name by merging with Dow Chemical.

The US government had refused to extradite Warren Andersen to India saying that there was insufficient evidence to show his culpability.

Warren Anderson’s death was not announced by his family, was confirmed from public records in Florida, USA

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Bhopal Union Carbide Criminal Warren Andersen Dead!